Does Anyone Identify With This?

I don’t. When alcoholics. or addicts, are in the throes of detox and trying to get sober/clean – it’s nearly impossible for us to identify with a sober person dealing with us. It’s hard enough for folks to identify with one another when everyone involved is sober. But when one in the party of twoContinue reading “Does Anyone Identify With This?”

How Could They Tell The Tree Is Sick?

It looks just like all the other trees on the same street. I took the kittens on a walk earlier and noticed two pieces of bright yellow paper stapled to a tree. The paper states, among other things, that the tree is sick and will be promptly cut down. How do they know the treeContinue reading “How Could They Tell The Tree Is Sick?”

Sick Dick

Continued from chapter 3 of my memoir: Saturation It took just over two short months before I became aware of how unhealthy his attachment to me had grown. And I allowed it. I participated. He gave me what I wanted – alcohol. We became like two sick spiders intertwined in a foul emotional web.Continue reading “Sick Dick”