Creamy Peanut Butter With Dill Pickle Sammich

Yes. It has to be creamy peanut butter and it has to be dill pickles. The experience of the crunch of the pickle needs to stand alone. It can’t be mixed up with the crunch of a chunky peanut butter. And the sweetness of a sweet pickle would detract from the creamy smooth deliciousness ofContinue reading “Creamy Peanut Butter With Dill Pickle Sammich”

Wait A Minute! Isn’t Every Day Special?!

Miracles and significant events happen every day somewhere on the planet. Right? Isn’t every day a holiday or someone’s birthday? I think so. Otherwise, it’s just Thursday – again – for the 4,653rd time in my life. I was wondering earlier how many folks are struggling to stay sober today simply because it’s a holiday.Continue reading “Wait A Minute! Isn’t Every Day Special?!”