The Onus Is On Me…

‘The only way out is through.’ Who wrote that? Can’t we go around sometimes? I dreamed I was riding on a horse that was – in the reality of the dream – as big as a freaking elephant/hippo/beast thing. It looked like a horse, galloped like a horse, made horse sounds – but it wasContinue reading “The Onus Is On Me…”

HellFIRE and Tarnation!

I had another drinking dream. That’s two – in as many nights. And this one included my oldest on. What is Going ON?! So, true to my nature to research stuff, I researched this. According to some in the field – those whose opinions I respect because they know more about the origins of dreamsContinue reading “HellFIRE and Tarnation!”

Fruity Alcoholic Drink Dream

I had one of those last night – in a dream, which I find sort of odd because I never drank crap like that. I was a strict vodka and wine drinker. I can understand why having a dream about drinking might make some folks in recovery a little apprehensive. While the dream is inContinue reading “Fruity Alcoholic Drink Dream”

My Dread Is Palpable.

I feel saturated by it. I had the worst dream last night. Trump wins. UGH! Another four years with a perpetual liar at the helm. I can hardly stand to think about it. I feel so low this morning. I’ve never wanted to be wrong about anything like I want to be wrong about this!Continue reading “My Dread Is Palpable.”

Dolly Parton is Still With Us, Yes?

Last night I had a dream that Dolly died. I found out about this online and my sister just happened to be with me. I mentioned the news to her, but somehow she’d already found out, and she was quite upset about it, which I found odd because neither of us ever listened to Dolly’sContinue reading “Dolly Parton is Still With Us, Yes?”

So Many Choices!

Recently, I read something that said “Life is an experiment.” I found that curious. I can see Life being an adventure because – HELLO? It is definitely one of those, but an experiment? So – I decided to let that idea marinate on a back burner until this morning. And now I’m all over it. How is LifeContinue reading “So Many Choices!”