You Think I Can’t Do It? Watch Me.

Alcoholics don’t need to be told what they can’t do. First of all – it’s nobody’s place to tell another person what they cannot do. And second of all – regardless the remoteness of success – alcoholics deserve to be told what they CAN do. Whether they might fail or not is beside the point.Continue reading “You Think I Can’t Do It? Watch Me.”

My Life Hurts.

I just read a post on a social network site where someone titled her thread with ~ The Alcohol I Drank Yesterday Is Triggering Me To Drink Today. I thought to myself, What?! Seriously? No. It’s not. The sun came up today and you’re still alive. That’s your trigger. I don’t believe in triggers. OnceContinue reading “My Life Hurts.”

Repetition Is Not My Cup Of Tea.

I might make it two weeks – repeating the same things – before I start rolling my eyes and trying not to pull out the hair I have left. There are numerous avenues that I could take around this subject- repetition – but I’m going to pick just one. It’s called “Hush up a minuteContinue reading “Repetition Is Not My Cup Of Tea.”