Recovery Coaching Services

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m a certified Recovery Coach. I’ve created this multi-purpose site with two intentions in mind…to blog for my own recovery and to assist you in yours.

I attended my last inpatient treatment center for alcohol abuse in 2015 at Hazelden Betty Ford in Newberg, Oregon. Sobriety has had it’s ups and downs since then, but nothing beats waking up sober every morning to the shadows of leaves on my bedroom wall and the sounds of birds outside my window.

To the right you will find the three coaching services I offer. Please contact me with any questions.

Coaching fees vary. Please reach out with questions. Coaching options are available through email, Skype or another online medium. Payment for coaching services is made through PayPal.

Once I got sober, I knew I had to share what I’d learned.

Addiction Recovery Coaching

Is offered for folks who want to and can’t seem to get sober. This service is available to those who have realized that while drinking no longer feels like an option, wanting to quit and successfully quitting are two separate things.

Recovery Coaching

Is a service for folks new to sobriety who might be feeling less than confident about their recovery. Early recovery can be a time of great uncertainty and discomfort due to the fact that Life can feel new and raw and unsafe.

Coaching for Family and Friends

This service is available for the friends and family of an addict who is struggling to either get sober or stay sober. Anyone with concerns about a loved one is invited to reach out.

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