Somebody will NOT be knocked off the bike path by a pedestrian!
This same area of the forest is now closed due to wildfires.  I took this photograph on 7 Sept 2020.
This is what the forest looked like before the wildfires. September 2020
9 September 2020
Wildfires and high winds leave Eugene covered in smoke and ashes.
Sobriety is a one way street.

Do you want to get sober? Do you want to stay sober? Stop swallowing alcohol. Do something else.

I just love it!

I am going to build a house similar to this one some day.


This book is my memoir. I wrote it in 2010 and you can find it on Amazon here:

July 2020

Meet my partner in sobriety, Jon. While I have 6 months of sobriety as of 3 September, he has 27 years. Yeah, he’s pretty solid.

Shit! Not again!

These are not my arms, but I know all too well how it feels to have those links hanging off my wrists.

June 2020

Damn, sobriety feels good!


What does a picture of anxiety look like to you?

Cripple Creek, Colorado
I was a Gold Miner’s Daughter – literally.

What was once an established gold mining camp is now known for it’s casino’s. Cripple Creek suffered two devastating fires within 4 days of each other during April of 1896. Nearly the entire city was destroyed. It’s ruins have been compared to the disastrous fire of San Francisco in 1851.,_Colorado


It’s funny, okay?

Yes. Those are goats in a tree.

Apparently this is a real photograph. It hasn’t been photoshopped. I know, right? There are no words…

July 2020

Buster and Starla. They LOVE my bathtubs. I’ll add a video of Starla later. She jumps on the bathtub wall and then slides down into the tub. It’s hilarious. (Starla is the black kitty.)

This is so appropriate.

Alcoholics don’t have to relapse. It’s a choice.

That’s right. When it’s time to kick them out – out they shall go!
My all time favorite summer snack.
Please – don’t talk.

This is exactly what I looked like as I used to go through withdrawal. And if I needed to use the restroom – I’d just roll off the couch and crawl. Not a lot of fun.

Rumi – I love and miss my dog!!
Buster sleeps best with his leg on his head.

No, I can’t do that. Can you?

Sometimes they prefer the sink.

Sweet, eh?

September 2020

A sober selfie.

Yes, I let my kittens watch an hour of TV every day.


We hiked around this yesterday, 5 September 2020.

I don’t know why stuff like this gets my attention.

It was too heavy and big to fit in the trunk…


This also got my attention.

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