Drama In The Dining Room ~Part 2~

Eric’s smile faded as he looked from me to the loud table.  “The noise level coming from their table is totally unacceptable, Eric!”  I answered, for him.  Eric blinked at me and said nothing.  Why did I know what to do and he didn’t?  Maybe he’d never confronted a group of unruly residents before.  MaybeContinue reading “Drama In The Dining Room ~Part 2~”

And You Wonder How You Got There.

Where we are in life is a result of choices we’ve made. I read, on a regular basis, that folks are unhappy with the situations they’re in. These situations range from marriage and partnership to jobs and freedom. It’s weird. The way I see it – nearly everything we do is the result of aContinue reading “And You Wonder How You Got There.”

Drama In The Dining Room

On my third day in treatment I finally made the mistake of deciding I could handle the noise in the dining room. I followed Shelly through the lunch line and tried to lip read her over the noise. It looked like she was explaining where to find things like napkins and condiments as I followedContinue reading “Drama In The Dining Room”

A Funny Thing Happened In Bed…

I was moved to watch a podcast. I’ve never watched one before. Is this weird? I watched Dr. Eben Alexander describe his NDE, near death experience, what caused it, and how the coma that ensued had exposed him to the truth of the Universe, God, and Angles. Interesting stuff. I could relate to a lotContinue reading “A Funny Thing Happened In Bed…”

Where’s Your Comb? Take It One Tangle At A Time.

Be your own comb. Only you know how best how to work your comb through your own hair. Stop giving away your power by handing your comb to someone else. Find your own answers. It’s impossible to conceive a question about something having to do with your own abilities without also having the answer –Continue reading “Where’s Your Comb? Take It One Tangle At A Time.”

The 11th Step (Not To Be Confused With The 11th Hour.)

“Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.” Alcoholic’s Anonymous Doesn’t this beg the question – if we were all able to know God’s will for us and to have theContinue reading “The 11th Step (Not To Be Confused With The 11th Hour.)”

My Word of the Day = MERCY

Manageability Emotions Rational Comfort Yellow Sobriety brings the above traits, which I’m learning how to incorporate into my personality, including the color yellow, to light in my awareness. I’m certainly not blue. Know what I mean? If I were to show mercy (I’m really the only person I feel in the position to show mercyContinue reading “My Word of the Day = MERCY”

Where Does This Notion Come From That Once We Get Sober Everything Is Going To Be Right In The World?

It’s not. It never was. Or maybe it always has been because imperfection IS perfect. Regardless. We alcoholics missed out on a lot of the drama because we were too busy creating our own by getting drunk. Life, people, complications at work, our feelings – they come in at us like a tsunami during sobrietyContinue reading “Where Does This Notion Come From That Once We Get Sober Everything Is Going To Be Right In The World?”