Where Did You Get That Guarantee? And Who Wrapped It?

I’m starting to realize that one thing Life doesn’t offer is guarantees. And if Life doesn’t offer them, how the hell can a person or a group offer and then uphold them? Think about it. Are we really, truly, honestly, shits and giggles aside, ever guaranteed anything? And if we’re not, does this make usContinue reading “Where Did You Get That Guarantee? And Who Wrapped It?”

Have You Ever Felt This Way?

When you’re so uninterested, you can’t even be bothered to open both eyes at the same time. Starla’s expression and body language here perfectly summarizes my emotional and physical disposition yesterday. I wasn’t having IT – and neither was she, but she hasn’t learned how to hold a cell phone yet, so I was obligatedContinue reading “Have You Ever Felt This Way?”