Conclusions Vs Decisions. ðŸ¤¨

Yes, I’ve concluded that Mocha Sprinkles would be best.

What’s the difference between a conclusion and a decision?

Does concluding something mean I’ve come to an understanding about it? Does deciding something mean I’ve chosen one thing over something else? Are these just a handful of words that all mean the same shit?

I can decide lots of things without really thinking about them in any detail. When I decide I want one thing over another, sometimes, but not always, it’s a pretty generic process. I can make a decision about something because I just really don’t care one way or another. I decide to have popcorn with a movie rather than chips and salsa because I know I can still have the chips and salsa another time. Or, I decide not to work out today because one day without my rowing machine won’t make a difference in how my legs amaze complete strangers.

However, when I come to a conclusion about something – I’ve somehow ingested information, DIGESTED it, made it part of me, incorporated it into my soul, and resolved myself to a firm position on the – – position.

I’ve concluded, after deep deep – deep deep deep introspection and head-to-heart dialog, that my internal jury has returned with a verdict and, in fact, mocha chips are the best choice to sprinkle over my parfait.

Did I get it?

Did I get it right?


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