He Peed On The Guest Bed. Again.

My 9 month old Tomcat has started to pee on my guest bed. I just discovered that he’s done it again this morning – for the 3rd time in two weeks. And his freaking cat box is two feet from the bed. AND IT’S CLEAN. I clean that thing religiously – and STILL he peesContinue reading “He Peed On The Guest Bed. Again.”

When Is The Last Time You Felt Carefree?

What the hell is that – right? Who feels carefree anymore? I do. And it actually feels really good! What a cool emotion! I forgot all about this one! It’s so freeing knowing what I can and can’t control. What I am and am not responsible for. It’s put me into a great mood thisContinue reading “When Is The Last Time You Felt Carefree?”

Has ANYONE Seen This Man?!

Last seen leaving the Delta Oaks area around 9:30 p.m. last night in a off white/cream colored convertible Ford Mustang. He was wearing baggy blue jeans, black walking shoes and a long sleeved, grey waffle textured hoodie over a blue T-shirt. He’s not armed, probably hungry, and extremely chatty. It might also be helpful toContinue reading “Has ANYONE Seen This Man?!”