The Question of the Day: How Do I Know If I’m An Alcoholic?

That is such a quicksandy sort of question. What I mean is this – maybe you are and maybe you aren’t an alcoholic. Maybe you can learn to drink moderately and maybe it’s too late. Maybe you’re already good at having honest internal discussions with yourself or maybe you’re a good liar and even youContinue reading “The Question of the Day: How Do I Know If I’m An Alcoholic?”

With This Attitude, Is My Cup Half Full Or Half Empty?

When was the last time you noticed the good in a situation rather than the piece that is missing or out of place? Ever notice how easy it is to streamline directly to what is wrong or missing rather than what is correct and present? I do. My boyfriend makes me a cup of coffee.Continue reading “With This Attitude, Is My Cup Half Full Or Half Empty?”

Please Leave A Message At The Sound Of The Tone. I’m Working On My Trust Issues.

Ooooo. That’s right. Building trust takes time. And patience. And awareness. And – yeah – not words. Don’t tell me to trust you or that I CAN Trust you because if I could have I WOULD HAVE ALREADY DONE IT. Trust isn’t a matter of just deciding to do it. It’s not as simple as choosingContinue reading “Please Leave A Message At The Sound Of The Tone. I’m Working On My Trust Issues.”

Where Did You Get That Guarantee? And Who Wrapped It?

I’m starting to realize that one thing Life doesn’t offer is guarantees. And if Life doesn’t offer them, how the hell can a person or a group offer and then uphold them? Think about it. Are we really, truly, honestly, shits and giggles aside, ever guaranteed anything? And if we’re not, does this make usContinue reading “Where Did You Get That Guarantee? And Who Wrapped It?”

Have You Ever Felt This Way?

When you’re so uninterested, you can’t even be bothered to open both eyes at the same time. Starla’s expression and body language here perfectly summarizes my emotional and physical disposition yesterday. I wasn’t having IT – and neither was she, but she hasn’t learned how to hold a cell phone yet, so I was obligatedContinue reading “Have You Ever Felt This Way?”

Conclusions Vs Decisions. 🤨

What’s the difference between a conclusion and a decision? Does concluding something mean I’ve come to an understanding about it? Does deciding something mean I’ve chosen one thing over something else? Are these just a handful of words that all mean the same shit? I can decide lots of things without really thinking about themContinue reading “Conclusions Vs Decisions. 🤨”

What Does It Look Like If You’re Loved TOO MUCH?

Maybe the better question is, what does it feel like? What does the line look like that divides love from obsession – or at the very least – preoccupation? How are we supposed to step away from it if we can’t identify it? Jeez! Think about it. If someone is, at the very least, preoccupiedContinue reading “What Does It Look Like If You’re Loved TOO MUCH?”

Creamy Peanut Butter With Dill Pickle Sammich

Yes. It has to be creamy peanut butter and it has to be dill pickles. The experience of the crunch of the pickle needs to stand alone. It can’t be mixed up with the crunch of a chunky peanut butter. And the sweetness of a sweet pickle would detract from the creamy smooth deliciousness ofContinue reading “Creamy Peanut Butter With Dill Pickle Sammich”

My Kid Has Decided To Join The Coast Guard.

We talked earlier today and he jumped right on it saying, “Mom, I’ve made a decision and I’m not sure how you’re going to feel about it.” He’s going to join next month. For the record, he’s 25 and has a bachelor’s degree in Marine Science. He’s been unable to find an appropriate job thatContinue reading “My Kid Has Decided To Join The Coast Guard.”

This Is SO Nice!

I love building these things! Having a fire going in the fireplace is probably what I enjoy most about wintertime. My next house just has to have a fireplace in my bedroom. What a fantastic way to fall asleep. The shadows and flickering lights dancing around the walls … the sound of burning embers …Continue reading “This Is SO Nice!”