The Significance Of Number 3.

Always Three

Whenever I dream of other people, there are almost always two other people in my dream plus me. I’m never just dreaming the dream and hanging around outside of it – – I’m always right there – in it. So, this makes three people in my dreams, and I dream like this ALL THE TIME. I either dream of people or other people are just there. I don’t know what, if any, the significance with this number is, but it seems like something’s going on because it happens so often. And usually, I don’t know the other two people.

For example – last night I had a dream that I went to Brittany Spears’ house. I know who she is, but I don’t know her. I don’t particularly care for her or her music. I’ve never followed her story or bought any of her songs and I probably wouldn’t recognize her or one of her songs on the radio.

SO, I’m at her house, in the dream, and I’ve just walked through the front door. It’s obvious that she doesn’t use this front room in her house – ever. Abstract art adorns two walls and I notice that one piece next to the front door isn’t even hanging evenly. My assumption is that she bought the art just to have something to occupy the wall space. This can’t possibly represent her personality. The collection equals five pieces of tall, rectangular, abstract, black and white drawings.

I walk through to the kitchen and some woman is in there keeping herself busy doing something. She’s a friend of Brittany’s. I ask her where the coffee is and she directs me to a tall cupboard full of food items and very cool dishes with patterns on them. She tells me that Brittany doesn’t buy bags of coffee, she uses the one-cup at at time coffee pods. While I’m hooking myself up with a cup of coffee, I notice two things:

First, this woman has all of her make-up spread out on the floor of the bathroom next to the kitchen. Second, I notice, through a window in the kitchen, that I can see into a courtyard that is surrounded by Brittany’s house on all sides. And through the courtyard, through another window, I can see a fireplace with light from the fire shining out into the dark, empty yard. I realize that the fireplace must be in Brittany’s room and that she spends all her time on that side of the house. I never do run into her in this dream. It ends.

The night before last night I dreamed about an older man leading me through a mall/airport. We ran into a group of people, and all of the people, except for an older woman, left – leaving three of us in my dream. In another dream, I was in a bar the size of a large bathroom with a bartender and the man who owned the bar – three of us again.

This is a regular occurrence for me. Literally – four or five times a week.

This number doesn’t seem to be repeating randomly. It can’t be random. It happens too often and too consistently.

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