There’s Something Wrong With The Mentality Here.

What’s the needle on your compass pointed toward?

It’s all around us. We could say, “Every time I turn on the damn Television, they’re using sex or glamor or love to sell perfume or alcohol or a cruise or a diet supplement! What the hell’s wrong with these people?!

But isn’t the truth that we see what we want to see? Isn’t the way we interpret stuff our own responsibility? Take a commercial that stars Charlize Theron. She emerges from a Roman pool, glossed over in sparkly gold paint, swaying hips, followed by a family of other sexy babeletts, all wearing the same slinky dress, and they approach the camera while a sultry tune and the advert for perfume speaks behind them off camera. Now, who sees that commercial and says, “I’ve got to go get me some of that perfume!” What’s the thinking?

When I see this commercial, not only do I think it’s ridiculous – I find it so ridiculous that on those grounds alone – I will never buy that perfume. Even if I decide I like the way it smells. I have never seen a group of women behave they way they do in that commercial. It’s absurd. And a lot of folks just drink it up and don’t think twice about it.

How shallow are people that they’re so moved by a commercial like that that they go right out and buy the product being advertised? Can folks not see how tacky it is? What was Charlize thinking by taking that job? She couldn’t have needed the money. Couldn’t the folks behind the commercial come up with some other creative more meaningful way to sell their product? Apparently not. Or maybe they’re just gross and care more about $$$ than they care about being part of a business that holds itself in integrity.

Is it safe to assume that companies like the one above are the same companies that test their products on sweet little animals like bunnies? Yeah, I get it. Some people just don’t give a shit.

I think that’s unfortunate. It shows zero respect and zero honor.

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