Self-Control + Will Power = A Recipe For Success. (When you use them.)

Those two qualities are innate within every human being. Those two qualities are what separate us from animals. Why some of us feel or think or believe that self-control and will power are elusive or are outside our capacity to utilize them, whenever we want to, is beyond me. It took me 23 years toContinue reading “Self-Control + Will Power = A Recipe For Success. (When you use them.)”

“But I’m Funnier When I’m Drunk.”

(Sure you are – to other drunk people.) That’s what a woman on a social network site wrote. So I wrote, “Are you sure you’re funnier or do you just feel funnier because you’re drunk?” And then I asked, “Why do you think it’s so important to present to the world an inauthentic version ofContinue reading ““But I’m Funnier When I’m Drunk.””