How Did I Overcome Desolation?

I’ve been there. Many times. And this is a tough one. A touchy one. This is one where a lot of folks might make a sad awkward face because they’re not sure what to say. There are a million positive words floating around out there just waiting to be snatched up and used, yet none of them feel appropriate for a person feeling desolate.

Right, SO – as usual, I just read something on another website that inspired me to write here. Someone wrote about feeling miserable and alone on her journey through early sobriety. I know how that feels. It’s akin to an invitation to start drinking again because “WHY THE FUCK NOT?!” That’s what I’d say to myself.

This woman who posted has 30 days of sobriety under her belt and from the looks of the photo she included in her post, she works in the health field and is surrounded by the Corona Virus in all it’s ugly capacities. Near the end of her post, she wrote – and I’m quoting – “I’m slipping into a dark place and I’m tired. It kind of feels like who cares if I drink tonight? No one.” Now that, to me, looks like the very definition of bleak.

What she seems to have lost hold of is that she’s a someone who cares (that’s why she wrote about her situation in the first place). So I reminded her. When we feel like we don’t matter to ourselves – it’s hard to conclude that anyone else does either. But she does care about her situation and so do plenty of other folks – even strangers she’ll probably never meet. And here’s another catch – just because she feels alone, doesn’t mean she is. All she had to do – and she did – was reach out. Somehow she knew that by doing that, she’d attract the attention she needs to lift herself up again to keep trudging forward.

Now how cool is that?! That’s our instinct to survive!! 😊

Sometimes the terrain in front of us doesn’t look so appealing, and getting up and through it is a serious struggle. But even if we have to take tiny baby steps – one in front of the other – eventually we traverse this area and move through to the other side. As with the planet – our internal landscapes are varied and rich and occasionally barren or mountainous. If we don’t like where we are though – we need to move through and beyond it. There’s always something else on the other side.


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I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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