I AM SO B O R E D. (Just Kidding.)

Fill it with your creativity.

I see this a lot. For whatever reason, some folks seem to have a really hard time trying to figure out how to pass the time. I can’t identify with this, but I feel as though I might be able to help. So here goes:

Get OFF your ass.

Get Dressed.

Fix your hair.

Brush your teeth.

Grab your wallet.

Get your car keys or grab your walking shoes/bike if you don’t have a car.


Now here comes the fun part…

GO SOMEWHERE. Go to the park with a frisbee or a football. Go to a bookstore for a new cookbook and then stop by the grocery store for the ingredients you need to make a new dish. Go to the Hobby Lobby store and buy stuff to make something for someone for Christmas. If you don’t know what to make – buy a book that offers ideas. Want to do something that doesn’t cost much $$$? Buy a deck of cards and learn how to play a new game. Include the members of your household. Volunteer somewhere. Clean out your closets / garage and donate the stuff you no longer use or wear or need. Donate old books to a used bookstore. Go for a walk – collect a bunch of stuff from outside – and use it to make a sweet ass piece of collage-art. Write your memoir. Write a short-story. Give yourself a manicure. Trim your unibrow. Move your combover to the other side. Put your books in order alphabetically. Organize your sock drawer. Rearrange your living room. Create a list of things you don’t want to do.

And the list goes on and on … In other words – there are a million things to do. Your life is the canvas. Frame it already. Make something to hang on your wall. You have a brain – use it to think of doing something that appeals to you. 😁

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