Are you Fine-Tuned To The Details?

Fine-Tune THIS!

Becoming aware of the fact that I don’t know as much as I think I do about something important to me hurts my feelings. The letdown is as great as Niagara Falls. The weight of the disappointment I feel toward myself is palpable. I just want to squeeze it right back out of my body, the discomfort is so great. And then – once I get over this sensation, which might last for maybe 4 or 5 minutes – I eat a cookie and get on with my day.

All I’m saying here is that when I do my research first BEFORE I go on and on blathering about something – anything – I need to know – not think – what I’m talking about. Don’t get me wrong – books are a fantastic way to learn and up one’s knowledge game, but they can’t and don’t replace firsthand, direct, personal experience. Bill and Betty told me so isn’t firsthand, direct experience. My professor focused on this in class today – isn’t firsthand direct experience. To this end – this would suggest that I don’t go on and on about much because I don’t have firsthand, direct experience of much. Yep. That’s true. Compared to the world at large – my universe is probably rather small by comparison.

So, I’ve found that getting through life has become much easier when I either stick to what I know OR I up my knowledge base by getting off my ass and moving it out the front door to experience – stuff.

If we don’t remember all of the details because we weren’t there – we don’t have firsthand, direct experience of it. If we don’t know all of the details because we weren’t there – we don’t have firsthand, direct experience of it. This is just common sense.

If your marriage counselor has never been through a divorce – perhaps this isn’t the right person to take your issues to. If your alcohol and drug counselor has never had an issue with alcohol or drugs, perhaps someone more experienced with these things might be more helpful. If your xxxxxxx cannot identify with or relate to whatever it is you’re bringing to the table – why not take it to someone who can and will? Doesn’t it stand to reason that the person who can identify with whatever is going on in your life will also be the most helpful?

This too seems like common sense.

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