My Life Hurts.

I just read a post on a social network site where someone titled her thread with ~ The Alcohol I Drank Yesterday Is Triggering Me To Drink Today. I thought to myself, What?! Seriously? No. It’s not. The sun came up today and you’re still alive. That’s your trigger. I don’t believe in triggers. OnceContinue reading “My Life Hurts.”

Am I Sober or Am I In Recovery?

What’s the difference? It’s BIG. Is there a difference? YES. To be sober – one needs to stop swallowing alcohol. That’s it. To be in recovery – one needs to become a non-drinker. These are two very different positions to take. The first is a change in outward behavior. Don’t pick up a drink. TheContinue reading “Am I Sober or Am I In Recovery?”