How Could They Tell The Tree Is Sick?


It looks just like all the other trees on the same street.

I took the kittens on a walk earlier and noticed two pieces of bright yellow paper stapled to a tree. The paper states, among other things, that the tree is sick and will be promptly cut down.

How do they know the tree is sick? I felt the bark and it didn’t feel noticeably hot with fever or anything. The leaves on this particular tree look the same as the leaves on the other trees on that street. The trunk looked the same, too. The entire street is lined with trees on both sides. Did these Arborist, Horticulturist (or whoever they are) folks stop and check each one? I wish I’d have taken a photo of it, but it began to rain and I had to get a move on.

My neighborhood

I feel bad for the tree. If folks can detect that a tree is ill, why do they have to cut it down and kill it? Why can’t they just fix it?

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