The ‘TWO’ Principle

Is that an apple?

Why have one of anything when you can have two (except boyfriends)? I just had this most extraordinary realization. I wasn’t aware until just this morning that this practice of having two is how I’ve designed my life.

I have two sons, two kittens, I have two cups of coffee each morning, I have two pair of exercise capris, two tops to match, two pair of walking shoes, and two bras, among the many, that I consider my favorites. I also have two plants, two tubes of lip gloss in my purse, I buy two of (almost) everything at the grocery store (one goes in the freezer) and I have two books next to my bed. Yes, I’m reading them both.

I have two patio chairs, two umbrellas, $2,000 in my savings account, I always buy more toilet paper when I get down to two rolls, I have two bedrooms in my home, two bathrooms, two pillows for my head, two pair of gloves, and I always take two walks a day.

Granted, I only have one of or lots of plenty of other things – I just didn’t realize until this morning that apparently – – I’m really hung up on the number two.

Who knew?

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