Unhealthy Relationships Just Don’t Feel Good.


I think our feelings can be wonderful things – when we’re being honest with ourselves. They alert us to the fact that things are either great or not so great. When things are great, our feelings support the experience, which motivates us to prolong it or magnify it. When they’re not so great, our feelings display internal discomfort that signals us to avoid or sever our relationship with whatever – or whomever – is happening.

I’ve been having some rather unpleasant feelings about someone in my life recently, and this was finally brought out into the open yesterday by someone in a position of educated authority on the matter. So I listened. And I nodded. And I agreed. Because everything he asked or said was right on the money. I already knew what he was saying, but it’s one thing to know something and it’s another thing entirely to have someone else tell you what you know. Because they know it too. And they aren’t even a part of your life. It’s weird but it happens. So I felt a tad confronted AND relieved at the same time. That’s an odd sensation by the way. I hadn’t realized I’d been keeping it such a secret…

Well now!!

SO. What to do what to do…? Hm. I’m thinking. If I was my own coaching client, what kinds of questions might I ask…? Perhaps before I could even ask a question, my client might blurt out the word that resonates the most when thinking about said relationship – DREAD.



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