I Was Too Busy Looking Out The Window

How Adorable! They KNOW they know the answer!

We’re talking YEARS here – to learn the simplest lesson in the history of humanity! It took me 23 years to learn that if I wanted to get sober – and stay sober – all I had to do was stop drinking. That’s it. That’s all I ever had to do. Every day.

I didn’t have to DO anything else. I didn’t have to REMEMBER anything else. I didn’t have to GO anywhere. I didn’t have to READ anything. I didn’t have to meet with ANYONE. Getting sober is beyond ridiculously simple AND hard. It’s a cruel joke and it’s not one bit funny. But I suppose the BMOC (aka God) knew what he/she was doing when the plan to make this planet our playground was put into place. We get a lifetime (unpredictable in length) to explore and learn shit. That’s about it.

Then what? What happens after we POOF out of this life? The next grade maybe – if we get enough passing grades during this lifetime.


Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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