How To Choose A Treatment Center


Which one is the right one for you or a loved one? There are a lot of facilities to choose from! Unfortunately, the right one may not be the affordable one. And when it comes to this – sometimes you DO get what you pay for. But not always – because – some of the most expensive inpatient treatment centers are jokes while some of the lesser expensive inpatient centers have phenomenal staff. And staff will either make or break the reputation of a recovery center, regardless the price for residency.

So, here is a list of things to consider or ask before you go (in no particular order):

~What kind of reviews does the center have on Google and Yelp?

~How long has it been in service?

~What’s the rule on having visitors?

~How long is their program and do they offer more than one?

~Do you know anyone who’s ever heard of it?

~Where is it located?

~***How many of the staff are in recovery?

~What or which programs does it promote? AA? Refuge Recovery? Faith based recovery? This matters a lot to some folks.

~What does a day in the life of a resident look like? What’s the routine?

~Is there an exercise area in the building? How is physical health and exercise encouraged?

~What’s the idea behind the meals and snacks?

~Are residents ever allowed off campus?

~Does the center offer a bookstore or a store of some kind for items left behind like toothbrushes or sweatshirts?

~What kind of outings can be expected? Are residents taken to meetings?

~Does the center ever offer presentations by guest speakers?

~Is airport pick-up and drop-off an option?

~What does their follow-up care agenda look like?

Going to inpatient can be scary, but the thing is – it’s not jail. It’s a little uncomfortable at first, especially for someone who’s never been, but the thing to remember is that all of the residents are going through a really hard time. Once folks settle in, which can take a minute, it’s pretty easy to fall into the routine, whatever that might look like. I’ve been to nine inpatient treatment centers. Some had a beautiful campus and God-Awful staff while others didn’t look too impressive, but their staff was amazing.

Do your research. Go forward educated. There’s no reason not to.

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