How To Determine Your Spirit Guide

Only a handful are represented here.

First, know that your guides change – all the time – unlike your GA (Guardian Angel) who not only is with your for the duration of your lifetime – it never changes. We are always accompanied by the same Angel.

How do we recognize our Spirit Guides? They present themselves to us. They can come to us as an animal, an insect, or as another human, but the main difference between them and our Angel is that our SGs have lived the life of a human. In other words – they’ve likely experienced whatever it is we’re going through. And that’s WHY they show up when they do. To guide us through it – whatever it is.

Most recently in my own life, I’ve been somewhat confronted by three different creatures that, once I looked up how they can be helpful in guiding me towards specific qualities that might benefit my life, turned out to be very insightful; worms, squirrels, and geese. Go figure! Now, at first glance, this doesn’t look nearly as impressive as say, a tiger, a butterfly, and a blue whale, but they are.

Worms indicate a tendency toward self-healing and stamina. Who knew? Squirrels indicate a range of characteristics that are nearly all positive depending on how they’re employed; agility, action, balance, resourcefulness, responsibility, caring for the future, preparedness, benevolence, awareness, gathering, adaptability, collecting, energy, playfulness, life, planning, organization, joy, happiness, socializing, and activity. And finally, Geese offer us the potential to become aware of and exhibit qualities of valor, loyalty, bravery, and navigation.

These three creatures have shown up repeatedly in my life over the last week. I see and/or hear them nearly every time I go outside. Of course, these things live outside so what’s the big deal? The big deal is that I never notice these things until recently and that’s the catch.

Why these creatures and why now? I don’t know. I’m not particularly fascinated by or drawn to any of them… But lord knows, if I can learn something from these things – so be it. I hardly have it all figured out!

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