The Shadow Creature Got Me.

I watched it creep across the roof of a building across the street. I warned the person I was with that it knew where we were. The creature stood and began to scale the building as I continued pointing to it, yelling “It’s RIGHT THERE!” But the person I was with couldn’t see it. Why was I the only one that could see it?!


And then it leapt across the street and mounted me. ME. Why ME? Now, for those of you unfamiliar with religious studies lingo, the word “mount’, refers to possession. This shadow creature leapt across the street, dissolved, and landed in my brain. It forced me to pull a Neo move (from The Matrix) and I jumped way up in the air with my knees bent, toes pointed inward. As I was crashing down onto some glass objects on a bathroom counter I said, “This is going to hurt”. I then screamed out, in my mind, for the help of my GA (Guardian Angle). I was like “Get this thing out of my brain!”

The sensation of having this thing taking up space inside my skull was intense. It felt like my head was overcrowded with one too many entities. I was the only one who truly belonged in there. The interesting thing here is that I noticed time passed before my GA came to my rescue. Only a few seconds, but I wasn’t helped out instantly is what I’m saying. Had I called my GA away from lunch or something…?

I don’t know what my GA did with that thing. I only know that when I peeked out from underneath a piece of cloth I was wearing, the shadow creature had left my head. After this, the dream changed and I was walking home in a mountain town. I passed a car with three unattended babies inside. They were maybe one year old and none of them sat in a baby seat. One baby was in the driver’s seat, another in the passenger seat and the third was in the back seat, The baby in the back had slipped under the seatbelt and was halfway to the floor. I rescued it and called the cops.

Weird, eh?

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