Epic Fight

Chapter 2 – A Wee Brief History Of Me ~ pt 3.

Continued from 7 September 2020

The following is an excerpt from my memoir, Saturation.

Sauce and I went to see Mom during summer or winter vacations and each time we got back to Colorado, the tension between me and Peggy escalated. We fought bitterly on a daily basis. Finally near the end of my freshman year of high school, I was 15, Dad ripped the rug out from under our fighting and allowed me to go live with my Mom. The daily verbal warring between me and Peggy was tearing apart this marriage. I think Peggy had given him an ultimatum; either I had to go or she would. Dad put me on a plane to California three months before the end of that school year.

During the years that Charlotte (her nickname is Sauce) and I lived with our dad and Peggy, our mom had been slowly dissolving into a functioning alcoholic and pothead. When I first arrived on the scene in California, I was 15 and we shared great times partying together. My stay with her was short lived, however, and ended several months into my sophomore year after an enormous blow-up one afternoon. I threw an empty coffee cup at her, nearly missing her head, which naturally pissed her off. She backed me up against my bedroom wall with her hands around my throat and squeezed – hard. Several days later my maternal grandmother flew out to get me. I went with her back to Tulsa and finished 10th grade there.

I adored my new high school and made friends quickly. I adored my grandparents. That year with them was the most peaceful and normal time of my entire youth. But I turned out to be too much of a handful for them. I’d already experienced too much in life. Too much hostility with Peggy and too much freedom and partying with my own mother. I was a little rebel. Bu the end of that school year, I’d simply worn my grandparents out and Dad had to send me back to Colorado to live with him, Peggy, my sister and our half brother. It turned into a nightmare.

Peggy and I resumed our fighting right where we’d left off – except this time – I was older. I’d grown taller since I moved out. I stayed there for about four months before the shit finally hit the fan. Our last fight was nothing short of spectacular. I’d left a teabag next to the faucet on the kitchen counter. When I wouldn’t throw it in the trashcan, our fight escalated until finally, she made the mistake of trying to spank me. I was 17, I outweighed her, I was taller than her, and the spanking didn’t work out for her. I hit her in the face busting her lower lip open on her teeth.

Needless to say, I left of my own accord with my suitcase minutes later. Peggy had brought the phone to me as I was packing. Dad was on the other end. He told me he was on his way home and that I better not be there when he arrived. I wasn’t. And I never went back.

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