Screw This! I QUIT!

Ever say that? Ever say, “Now what am I supposed to do?” Or, “How am I supposed to deal with THAT?” How about this one: “I don’t want THIS or THAT. I want them both and I don’t want either!” “Right NOW!” HA! It feels like insanity, right? Finding answers can be extremely frustrating. WhyContinue reading “Screw This! I QUIT!”

“I just can’t get through!”

Ever say that to yourself when trying to have a conversation with a drinker? It’s impossible, isn’t it … That’s because the person you’re trying to communicate with is temporarily insane. There’s nothing ‘upstairs’ except for a saturated brain swimming in alcohol. Unfortunately, there is no immediate resolution to this dilemma except to remove yourselfContinue reading ““I just can’t get through!””