To Open Or Not To Open

So. Yesterday I mentioned that I feel it is important to try drugs. Not all of them, but one or two – knowing the consequences, knowing what you’re taking, knowing how much you’re taking – yada yada. It’s not only okay to try drugs, I think, doing so will enlarge a person’s life view. “Been there done that” – that’s what someone can say. Or they can say they tried a drug for spiritual reasons – maybe it worked and maybe it didn’t. Regardless, I mentioned this to my BF who is nearly 27 years clean and sober and it really hit a nerve.

“Awwww (insert my name), that’s bullshit!!” Then he went on and on – and on some more about why trying drugs is a horrible idea because trying one drug opens the door to trying all drugs, which I immediately shot down saying that if drugs are indeed a door, who looks at a bunch of closed doors and doesn’t crack open at least one to see what’s on the other side?

I’ve tried some drugs and had no problem never going back to them. Other drugs – one specifically – I really enjoyed a lot – alcohol. I also used to smoke cigarettes, but quit those nearly 15 years ago. I don’t have near as much time sober – this time. But I digress.

I became slightly amused with my BF because not only did he become extremely animated while posturing his position, which I’m certain is shared by most, he then went on to use examples to support himself that are very applicable to life and that can only be learned first hand – like driving. A person cannot learn how to drive a car unless they get behind the fucking wheel. That’s all there is to it. And when they do – there’s no guarantee they won’t either be killed or kill someone else. Such is life.

The biggest mistake he made during our discussion is that he kept using the word “Necessary.” He’d say “It’s not necessary to try drugs.” And I agree. It’s not necessary. But I had to keep reminding him that I never used the word necessary when presenting my stance. I also had to keep reminding him that I never suggested that everyone should try all drugs. My position is that if the opportunity to try a drug is presented – a person should think about it before jumping on that train.

I think he gets it. He doesn’t agree, but he understands. Now we’re going to have some eggs.

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